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– TheHornestStory –
Im a very very happy mann today.

I met Janus and Niklas during our consulting days – at NeoIdeo – where they took all business away from us ;( – then 18months after we sold Neo Ideo to Leo Burnett and I had Prey4 (the incubator backed by SparNord) suddenly Janus called me to Pitch Kazaa their new StartUp (with a 100% iTunes idea – I still have the plan – and can only say FUCK THE RECORD INDUSTRY for being som lame – and only daring to give the LICENSES TO Steve Jobs (iTunes)).

Then my incubator went out of business – and I helped Janus and Niklas on the Kazza a bit – Then they sold to Sharman – and I invented the BullGuard Concept…

Then came Skype – this crazy idea – that I never believed in. I told the guys – that they where just bored and had nothing to do – and I never believed in it…. Even though I helped pitching to Venture Capitalists and started building the brand – and eventually had to invest a bit – since they wheere out of money – LIKE IN – OUT OF MONEY. The rest is history – hard work and network – and insane high evaluations – and “in my opinion – THE BRAND CALLED NIK & JAY”…

Personally –
I live from investing and I?m not only happy becomming pretty much more wealthy – thats not really new… The good thing is that I can take away a lot of presure from myself.
Due to my PSYKO AGRESSIVE investment style – I’ve been havign very big trouble getting enough cash to invest with the speed of the last 36 months – meaning that I?ve nearly been out of money – but now I will enjoy a little peace – and PUT THE VOLUE TO 10 ;)

BullGuard, Consumer security software
TalkTown, Groupware (DEAD)
Doomtools, Spy & PopUp killer (DEAD)

Spleak, virtual communication

Zyb, Global SMS gateway

Aresa, BioTech detecting landmines

MobileWeaver, Software for mobiles

MediaMobsters, Computer games and more (DEAD)

Maxthon, the no.1 browser in China

Damai, the luxury hotel in Bali

iWall, upcoming photo service

HelloBrand, brand consulting

And just upcomming ->
Excitor, Secure mobile Email and Mobile Fleed management
Kontera, contextual advertising
TellItOnline, hardware with technology
The Lund&Partners China Fund 20mio$, investing in Mobile Media & Technology
Demib Inc, blogging for the better
Vacationvalley, 7000 vacationhouses for rent…
NEAR – Nano Enabling the Afrcan Region…

I hope to have enough self controle not to “over invest – but Im really gettting ready !”

  • M

    Congratulations ol’ buddy. I am seriously happy for you.

  • Babar

    Congrats mate…U did it again…RESPECT

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/6798312 Umar Akram

    I met Morten 7 months ago, Had heard so much about him, I took Mobile Weaver to him.. I HAVENT met any crazy SUPER SPEED Investor like Morten. Morten believes in people and can take any idea to a successfull developed company!! Morten is the inspiration for all of us. a TRUE respect.. We will prove..

  • http://www.BiQ.dk Rask

    Invest in some time off as well. You would love it.

  • Anonymous

    Well – I must confess that you are top class :).

    I meet you during a meeting aprox 4 years ago and you had red sport shoes and the rest of your staff had suits…….?


  • http://www.guleroden.dk Kurt

    Tillykke Morten
    Du har fortjent det!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Morten

    Congratulation!! You took the risk, you deserve your bite of the cake.
    I have read your blog with interest, and followed you in the media for the last couple of years, because you are worth looking after for a wanna-be entrepreneur as me.

    Take some days of, smile, and invest some more money in startups :)

  • http://www.gudiksen.dk Karsten

    Hvor er det da dejligt, at folk med “guts” ogs

  • http://www.mediebureauet.com Michael

    “Heldet” kommer til den der forf

  • http://www.broerup.com/ Morten Brørup

    Til lykke med det, navnebror. “Respekt!” til folk med gode ideer og mod til at gennemf

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/1788984 Hans ten Hagen

    BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM…the earth is shaking. Way to go!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Morten,
    Must have to comment and say – well done! As former collegua to both Niklas and Janus and a very dear and happy customers from the happy NeoIdeo days can’t stop my harth bumping happily to see that you really made it – make me so so happy. Enjoy it big time.

  • Anonymous

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/3969377 Christian

    Hey Morten,

    Loads of congratulations, seems like you hit the jackpot again. Lots of respect from Gorm and I.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/3969961 thebigidea?

    Congratulations Morten – youve created a new investment style which will have Sand Hill Rd asking questions…

  • Anonymous

    Sikke en dejlig dag det er i dag ub bub bub bub, s

  • http://www.aquarius-dyk.dk Marianne

    Hi Morten,
    Must have to comment and say – well done! As a former colleague to both Niklas and Janus and a very dear and happy customers from the happy NeoIdeo days can’t stop my harth bumping happily to see that you really made it – makes me so so happy. Enjoy it big time.

  • Casper Bruun

    Kender dig ikke. S

  • http://www.propeople.dk Malmborg

    Hvo intet vover, intet vinder. Godt g

  • http://www.propeople.dk Michel

    Super inspirerende -Det d

  • Anonymous

    Dear Morten Lund,

    I have done some research through my 15 years of international development work in Eastern Europe, Russia and Iraq and would love to discuss some visions, ambitions and projects with you. I shall therefore kindly ask how to contact you, email or phone.

    Thanks in advance

    Soren Fisker
    YDI, Youth Development Intl.


  • http://klalogstor.com Klaus Andersen

    Hej Lunse,

    lige en kommentar fra Fredericia HK – det er sgu godt g

  • Kasper

    Congratulations – Respect!

    PS: Where is it that I’ve heard about NeoIdeo before? Some TV program at TV2 a few years ago? Or is that just imagination?

  • http://www.macvaerk.com Claus Hvass

    Grats from Macvaerk :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/3684302 Shayne

    From that picture, it looks like the car just crashed! Let’s hope it stays on the track … at least for a few more laps. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Holy Shit!!!!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/599923 René

    This post has been removed by the author.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/599923 René

    Morten. Big congratulation. Madly as always – you

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11882407 Sune

    Congrats and good that your curiosity got the better of you – i.e. that you got in and helped Janus and Niklas along when things looked hazy in the early days.

    As mentioned before – it is guys like the three of you that provide that extra nudge of priceless encouragement to the rest of us whom are still below the horizon.

    Keep it up – and enjoy the moment – it is truly yours !

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11882407 Sune

    Congratulations – deal well done.
    Good that your curiosity got the better of you – i.e. that Janus and Niklas got you involved back when things still looked hazy.

    The Skype story is what provides that extra nudge of inspiration, encouragement and belief for all of us who are still below the horizon.

    Keep it up – but enjoy the moment you have deserved it.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/27246 Jason Shellen

    Congratulations Morten. Now you’ve just opened the door for a crazy amount of solicitations! Cheers.

  • http://ka.nelgiffel.dk/ Michael

    Hejsa Morten,


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/241143 Morten

    Excitor.dk it is – changed – thanx.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/9081980 apartmentsba.com

    Congrats. Never heard of you before but one of your partners (Martin) is here in Buenos Aires trying to get a meeting and cited you as his partner and this website. Impressive track record. Congratulations!


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    great topic .. congrats too …

  • Mahmoud

    well … I saw the mortin and partner martin today…me and my friend who invested in google…talking about inflation…

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